Who We Are

Our mission: Support seeding and start-ups of innovative businesses for international markets to shape the future of Quebec.

The automated project submission process allows Fonds Innovexport to quickly meet the financing needs of entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on expanding their business.

Fonds Innovexport comprises twenty-five experienced entrepreneurs, as well as the Government of Quebec represented by Investissement Québec, the fonds espace cdpq de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Desjardins - Innovatech, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, and Fondaction CSN. They all work together to support the establishment of innovative businesses with the potential of becoming global leaders. Fonds Innovexport also receives financial support from the Economic Development Strategy of the City of Quebec.

«Fonds Innovexport was established to help new entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. Fonds Innovexport counts on the support of the G25, which consists of twenty-five experienced entrepreneurs willing to open up their networks and help new entrepreneurs reach their objectives. Members of the G25 and institutional partners are available to continue supporting enterprises beyond the seeding and start-up phases. Thus, Fonds Innovexport is a true value-added financial partner for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on the success of their business plan rather than on seeking financing.»

- Richard Bordeleau, President

The Management Team

The management team comprises professionals with expertise in different sectors of business financing, assessment and start-up. With the members of the G25, management provides added value during the screening process by sharing their observations with entrepreneurs. If the enterprise is funded, team members continue to actively track enterprise expansion, with G25 members opening up their networks and holding meetings with business leaders to share experience in overcoming challenges that new entrepreneurs face.


Richard Bordeleau

richard @ fondsinnovexport.com

Director, Finance & Investments

Virginie Jacques, CPA, CA, MBA

virginie @ fondsinnovexport.com

The Group of 25

The Group of 25, or the G25, consists of twenty-five experienced entrepreneurs who joined forces to actively contribute to the seeding and start-ups of innovative businesses whose goals are attaining international markets. They participate in screening companies to be financed and contribute to their success by granting them access to networks and helping them overcome the challenges of implementing business plans. Their common objective: to ensure the success of companies financed Fonds Innovexport.

Selection Process

After receiving all financing requests for the period, an initial selection of projects is completed by the management team according to pre-established criteria.

Entrepreneurs then meet the management team to assess their profiles, as well as certain aspects of the project. One or several members of the G25 may be present at these meetings. A letter of intent is sent to the company after this meeting if interest in investing in the company is confirmed. This letter of intent describes the general terms associated with the potential investment by the Fund. Once this letter is also signed by a company representative, the Innovexport team analyzes the project with the assistance of experts and some of the G25, as needed. The enterprise is then asked to provide additional information.

Following the evaluation of the investment opportunity, the Investment Committee, consisting of three members of the G25, receives the investment projects prepared by the Fund team. Entrepreneurs are then invited to present their enterprise and answer questions from the Investment Committee, which recommends to the Board of Directors whether or not to invest in a given business with or without additional conditions. The Board of Directors meets during the week following the Investment Committee meeting and the investment is formalized the following week.

Meetings with the G25

Meetings with the G25 members are held by the Fund so that entrepreneurs can share the challenges they confront. G25 members can provide advice and share contacts to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges

Close Follow-Up of Financed Companies

Companies exhibiting strong potential for success or that appeal to one or several members of the G25 may be subject to thorough follow-up to ensure success. An Investments Vice-President from Fonds Innovexport also tracks company progress.

This follow-up by the Fund team or by G25 members does not replace the need to be supported by an incubator, an accelerator or a committee consisting of qualified individuals.

The G25 Members

Pierre-Hugues Allard


Eddyfi Technologies

Jean Bélanger

President and CEO

Premier Tech

Richard Bordeleau


Fonds Innovexport

Charles Boulanger

President and CEO


Jacques Côté


Groupe Solmax

Christian De Grâce



Noel Dubé

President and CEO

Reflex Photonics and other companies

Luc Dupont


IDC Dermo, SM Sport and Fondation Dupont

Lisa Fecteau



Jean-Yves Germain


Groupe Germain Hôtels

Jean-François Grenon

Angel Investor

Guy Laganière


Groupe C. Laganière

Germain Lamonde

President and CEO


Martin Lamontagne


Ferme La Repousse

Geneviève Marcon


Groupe Marcon

Charles Mony


Fondation Village Monde

Jelena Neylan


Trend Innovations

Martin Roberge


MAG Energy Solutions Inc.

Jean-Marc Rousseau

Director of technologic transfer


Jean-Luc Sansregret


Gestion JLS

Martin Thériault

President and CEO


Jacques Topping


INO and Entrepreneuriat Laval

France Vincent


Services Financiers Des Chutes

Maxime Vincent


Groupe Vincent