Before filling out the form

Make sure you have all the required information on-hand. Download the Investment Project Submission Guide to learn about and understand the required information.

Download the Investment Project Submission Guide
  • Filling out the Application Form is the first step of the selection process. By filling out this form, you are officially requesting funding from Fonds Innovexport
  • All projects must be submitted to Fonds Innovexport through this online form. Neither a paper version, nor any other type of submission will be accepted. This permits the Fund to be more efficient administratively, which affords the team more time to assess projects.
  • Do not forget to attach the additional documents required throughout the form.
  • Make sure you read the Ineligible Business Sectors or Companies section before submitting your application.
  • Fonds Innovexport will invest in your company in the form of equity or convertible debt. Fonds Innovexport does not provide loans or subsidies.
  • Investments are usually done in installments based on the achievement of each development milestone. The Fund can invest between $50,000 and $1 million in the first round of financing up to a maximum of $3 million per company.
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