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About the Fund

Our mission: Support seeding and start-ups of innovative businesses for international markets to shape the future of Quebec.

The automated project submission process allows Fonds Innovexport to quickly meet the financing needs of entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on expanding their business.

Fonds Innovexport comprises twenty-five experienced entrepreneurs, as well as the Government of Quebec represented by Investissement Québec, fonds espace cdpq de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Desjardins - Innovatech, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, and Fondaction CSN. They all work together to support the establishment of innovative businesses with the potential of becoming global leaders. Fonds Innovexport also receives financial support from the Economic Development Strategy of the City of Quebec.

Requested Projects

Requested Projects

We believe in entrepreneurs who distinguish themselves through their personal and professional achievements and who surround themselves well to attain their objectives.

You must be supported by a start-up incubator, a business accelerator or a committee comprised of experienced people.

We support projects that provide innovative products or services that solve real problems here and elsewhere. Your aim should be meeting market needs and doing so more effectively than others.

Our investments are based on structured and realistic business plans with clear development milestones and well-defined human, material and financial resources that ensure execution.

We focus on exportable projects that showcase Quebec's know-how and creativity abroad.

We seek simple corporate structures conducive to investment with realistic medium-term profitability objectives.
Fonds Innovexport invests through convertible debt or equity. Investment amounts vary from $50,000 to $1 million for each round of funding, up to a maximum of $3 million per business. Amounts are determined according to required resources to attain each significant development milestone. Fonds Innovexport generally invests in successive installments based on these development milestones.

Ineligible Business Sectors or Companies:

  • Farming and forestry operations
  • Mining operations and exploration
  • Biotechnology (development of pharmaceutical and therapeutic products)
  • Financing for construction projects and purchase or management of real estate
  • Brick and mortar retail sales such as shops
  • Businesses involving sexual, religious, political and similar activities
  • Companies with legal, environmental, ethical or governance issues
  • Any project of a company that already has the required financial resources



Fonds Innovexport has adopted a strict and structured investment process enabling effective and timely cooperation with entrepreneurs.


Project submissions.

Validation of eligibility and issuance of a letter of interest by the Fund team usually within one week following the submission deadline.

Request for additional information for a first interview.

First interview with entrepreneurs on a fixed date, usually one or two weeks pursuant to submission deadline. In collaboration with Le Camp à Québec, a one-day event filled with workshops and conferences is organized on this day.

Issuance of a letter of intent, usually within two or three weeks, and deeper assessment of the project upon receipt of the letter of intent by the entrepreneur.

This initial offer is subject to approval by the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors.

After the Fund team has completed evaluating the project, the entrepreneur is invited to present the project to the Investment Committee, usually comprised of members of the G25.

Based on the recommendations of the Investment Committee and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, issuance of a formal letter of final offer and closing of the investment, as the case may be, in the following weeks.

Our sponsors
and partners

Sponsors and partners share a common goal, supporting the expansion of innovative Quebec businesses whose goals are attaining international markets to contribute to the prosperity of Quebec’s future.

Gouvernement du Québec Investissement Québec Caisse de dépôt et de placement du Québec Desjardins Fonds de solidarité FTQ Fondaction CSN G25
Ville de Québec Le Camp



CONTXTFUL Raises $2M in Seed Funds to Commercialize Its Receptivity™ & Rituals™ Products

MONTREAL, Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - CONTXTFUL, a Montreal-based technology start-up focused on developing products that provide insights on mobile users, improving how advertisers and insurers interact with their customers, today announced it has raised $2 million in seed financing. The seed round is led by Fonds Innovexport and includes strategic investors such as Fonds Québecor Innovation inc., La Capitale Assureur de l'administration publique as well as Anges Québec, private angels and founding partners.CONTXTFUL advances mobile interactions by measuring the human context. As a company generating new and unique data, CONTXTFUL goes far beyond traditional metrics to create actionable insights for a wide variety of applications within the advertising & insurance space. With their expertise in mobile sensor technology, the company leverages non-intrusive, non-private data, while complying to industry-wide privacy policies. This new technology has the potential to revolutionize how advertisers, publishers and insurers interact with their customers, creating more rewarding and win-win outcomes.The company is commercializing 2 initial products:Receptivity™, aimed at advertisers and publishers, to help them increase ad campaign performance and ad inventory monetization.Rituals™, aimed at insurers, to help them identify and promote better risk reducing habits for their customers.CONTXTFUL: The measure of moments™"We believe that our solution has the potential to redefine how companies interact with their online consumers by adding the Human Context in the equation. Understanding real-time behaviors of users interacting with their mobile devices is paramount to better tailor ads, improve user experience, adapt any content and encourage healthier habits. We help companies maximize performance and overall customer lifetime value. That being said, we believe in a human-first world where data is leveraged to improve our wellness, not the other way around" said Guillaume Bouchard, CEO of CONTXTFUL."With its unique technology and team expertise, we strongly believe CONTXTFUL will change the adtech and martech ecosystems" said Richard Bordeleau, president of the Fonds Innovexport. "This project is directly in line with Fonds Innovexport's mission to support promising and innovative start-ups"."We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve the monetization of our ad inventory while improving customer interaction and experience", said Jean Péladeau, Managing Director of data and ad performance at Quebecor."CONTXFUL's innovative and transparent approach to non-private data collection can help the insurance industry develop a new approach to risk reduction and prevention that can ultimately improve our customers' quality of life" commented Eric Champagne, EVP of Marketing, Communications and Digital Strategy at La Capitale insurance and financial services.About CONTXTFULCONTXTFUL is a Montreal-based technology start-up that helps media and insurance companies improve their customer interactions by leveraging non-private, sensor-based data from mobile devices. CONTXTFUL goes beyond traditional metrics to provide Human Context. The company is a graduate of TandemLaunch, a deep-tech incubator based in Montreal, Canada.SOURCE CONTXTFUL



C2RO Raises $2.25 M Financing to Commercialize Portfolio of Enterprise Grade Cloud A.I. Services

Montreal (Quebec) June 27, 2019 – Montreal-based C2RO today announced that it has secured CAD$2.25 Million in new financing in a round led by Fonds Innovexport, with participation from GCI Capital Inc., Harbor Street Ventures, Tandemlaunch, Ministere de Economie et L’Innovation, and several angel investors in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The funds will be used to accelerate the commercialization of C2RO’s powerful enterprise grade cloud A.I. services.  “We led the investment in C2RO because it has an excellent execution team, a significantly expanding Tier1 customer base, and a formidable technology position in the field of real-time machine vision A.I.,” said Richard Bordeleau, President at Fonds Innovexport. “C2RO will have a tremendous impact on the industry and we want to support them through this journey.” In June of 2018, the company introduced C2RO EngageTM, the world’s first real-time cloud based facial recognition platform. In March of 2019, C2RO augmented it’s A.I. services portfolio with PerceiveTM, a state of the art fully anonymous customer journey analysis platform and demographic classification system. EngageTM and PerceiveTM are the two key ingredients to enabling the transformation cycle that is taking place in the retail and commercial real estate industries toward highly personalized and data driven interactive smart environments. C2RO’s product offerings are fully compliant with the most stringent privacy regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  “We welcome the support of our new and existing shareholders, which will allow us to expand our current customer deployments and pursue new and exciting opportunities for our portfolio of A.I. products both here in North America and abroad,” added Riccardo Badalone, President & CEO of C2RO. “I’m am incredibly excited about our EngageTM and PerceiveTM products, which are proving themselves in the field and are allowing us to assist an increasing number of early adopters with their digital transformation objectives.” According to Market and Markets, the global market for A.I. analytics solutions in retail and commercial real estate will exceed $5B USD by 2022 and is growing at a stunning 40% CAGR. The growth is being fueled by global retail and commercial real estate brands that are blending digital and physical assets to provide consumers with increasingly frictionless and highly personalized experiences.         About C2RO Inc.C2RO is a Montreal based high-tech software start-up that was incubated at Tandemlaunch Inc. in 2016 and has developed a proprietary universal machine vision A.I. platform for the enterprise market. The company has introduced a portfolio of products (EngageTM and PerceiveTM) which leverage the power of the cloud while providing state-of-the-art real-time performance and precision. C2RO products are enabling the digital transformation of physical retail and commercial real estate towards a more personalized and frictionless experience for their customers. C2RO’s product offerings are fully compliant with the most stringent privacy regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)   About Fonds InnovExportFonds Innovexport is an early-stage venture capital firm that supports the development of Quebec-based innovators seeking growth in international markets. Based in Quebec City, Innovexport is partnering with twenty-five experienced entrepreneurs, as well as the Government of Quebec represented by Investissement Québec, the Fonds Espace CDPQ de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Desjardins - Innovatech, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, and Fondaction CSN. They all work together to support the establishment of innovative companies with the potential of becoming global      About GCi CapitalGCI Ventures Ltd. is a Toronto, Ontario based Investment Company investing in a wide range of industries including private green and clean technology, consumer products, IT, life sciences, among others. GCI's participation includes direct investment into companies via equity and convertible notes, as well as in global expansion through licensing and distribution joint  About Harbor Street VenturesHarbor Street Ventures is a Chicago-based venture investment firm. Harbor Street Ventures was founded by Steve Komie and David Shulman, both with deep technology backgrounds in algorithmic trading and artificial  About TandemLaunchTandemLaunch is a seed investor and incubator focused on creating early-stage technology start-ups in collaboration with global universities and world-class entrepreneurs. 

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