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Privacy Policy

1. Context and objectives

Fonds Innovexport is concerned to protect the privacy of personal information that it collects, stores, uses or communicates. This privacy policy (the «Policy») takes into account the requirements under the Act to modernize provisions respecting the protection of personal information (Law 25) and the Protection of personal information (Act respecting access to information, CQLR, chapter A.2.1) and any other applicable act or regulation. This Policy informs you about the personal information we collect and how we handle it. 

The Policy applies to the various activities of Fonds Innovexport. As such, it concerns mainly any person who is or has been: a user of its website, a limited partner, a partner, an employee or a member of a committee.

2. Concept of personal information

Personal information is information that relates to a natural person and allows the person to be identified, for example the date of birth, personal address, social insurance number, bank information, and age. 

Personal information is confidential and cannot be disclosed without the authorization of the person concerned, unless authorized to do so by the Act respecting the access of information. 

Fonds Innovexport limits the collection of personal information that is reasonably necessary to achieve the purposes of which it was collected. 

3. Collection of personal information

Fonds Innovexport collects personal information in different ways, namely directly from the person concerned, from third parties and from its website, or otherwise in all cases when it is permitted by law. 

If you have sent personal information to Fonds Innovexport by filling out a form online or by any other means, it will only be used to answer to your request. 

The personal information transmitted is not disclosed to any other government entity unless such disclosure is required by law. The information collected is in no case used to establish a user profile and is not disclosed to any private organization.  

Only authorized personnel in our organization have access to that information and this, only when it is necessary for the performance of their duties. The personal information Fonds Innovexport has is used only for the purposes for which it was collected. It is securely archived or destroyed when it is no longer needed.

4. Use of personal information

With the consent of the person concerned or as permitted or required by law, Fonds Innovexport may use personal information for any compatible and reasonable purposes.  

Consent may be given in different ways such as: a) expressly by signing a document, agreeing through electronic means or verbally; or b) implicitly by providing the personal information voluntarily. 

It may happen that you have provided personal information for a specific purpose and that later on Fonds Innovexport needs to use that information for  different purposes. In such circumstances, Fonds Innovexport will ask your consent to use the information for such new purposes, unless the law permits or requires Fonds Innovexport to use the information for the new purposes. 

You have the right to revoke your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information at any time. 

5. Retention of personal information

Personal information will be stored for as long as is necessary for Fonds Innovexport to comply with its obligations, including tax, regulatory, or other legal requirements. 

Personal information will only be kept in our storage systems using a cloud service. No personal information will be stored on paper. Access controls are in place to restrict access to personal information to authorized personnel only, i.e., those who need the information in order to perform their duties. 

Personal information will be destroyed when the purposes for which it was collected are fully accomplished, or when the retention obligations provided for by law expire.

6. Request for access, rectification, modification or deletion or complaint relating to personal information

Subject to certain legal exceptions, any person may have access to personal information concerning them, request that corrections be made to inaccurate information and request the rectification or deletion of their personal information if their collection, use, communication or retention are not permitted by law. Any person can also make a complaint regarding the protection of personal information. 

For any inquiry about your personal information, you must send your request by contacting Fonds Innovexport using the contact information below. 

7. Privacy Officer

Any question relating to confidentiality and the protection of personal information may be submitted to the person responsible for the protection of personal information as indicated below: 

By phone: 418-380-5514
By email:

8. Changes to the Policy

Fonds Innovexport may update its privacy policy from time to time to reflect changes to its policies and practices for processing personal information, or to applicable laws. Changes will be posted on our website.